Home Wrecker Series

The Princess and the Frog

(When Fantasy Collides with Reality)

May 21, 2017


I am really looking forward to sharing with you today what God has laid on my heart for this morning. I believe that it can and will be life changing for all of us regardless of our present situation. God has something to say to all of us today – married – single – wanting to be married and even those wishing that — they had never married.

Before we get into this let’s do a quick very brief survey.

  • What do you think are the top 3 challenges that couples will face in marriage today?
  • What do you think are the false expectations engaged couple have?
  • Which marriages do you think have a better chance of surviving – couples who chose to married or couples that are married because of an arranged marriage?
  • Do you think people who married before need premarital coaching?

(comment on results of survey)

I preformed/officiated my very first Wedding ceremony in 1977. Do the math and that is 40 years ago. You know what I have discovered during those 40 regarding marriage? — I have discovered that most couples have no idea what they are getting into when they get married!

To introduce Todays message I found this clip take a look with me:


Princess and the Frog clip from you tube

(Start clip 1:29 seconds in)

In thinking about Home’s and relationships (all kinds of relationships & roles) I got to thinking that one Fantasy that many of us have is that Great Homes, Great relationships just happen! Poof you kiss the bride, groom – FROG and live happily ever after!

Luke 14:26-33


To avoid the wrecking ball of fantasy colliding with reality you must be willing to

  1. Make Difficult Decisions (vs. 26-27)
  1. Love your spouse more than …
  1. Be willing to die for them
  1. Evaluate the Cost (vs.28-30)
  1. Be Realistic in your evaluation! (vs. 28)
  1. Be Ready to make peace! (vs. 32)
  1. Adjust my expectations to life’s Reality (vs.31-32)
  1. This means we build marriages in a Fallen World
  1. This means we marriage know we are marrying a sinner
  1. This means (4 Believers) we expect God is with us
  1. This means I ever expect your spouse to be responsible for my happiness
  1. Be Willing to sacrifice for the greater (vs.33)
  1. Sacrifice is an essential component of a successful marriage
  1. Sacrifice is a component of being Christ like
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