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The praise & worship team of Abundant Life is built up of people from all different musical proficiencies. There have been seasons where members of the team serve a professional gigging musicians as their primary form of income, and there are members on the team who are fairly new to their craft and learning as beginners. In both cases, we welcome them using their gifts to point people to God.

What about you? Do you play and instrument or sing?

Sometimes, people wrongly assume there is no need for them because they see a full stage on a Sunday morning. This is false. We are always in need of more team members. The preference is to have a rotation of musicians and vocalists so that there is an opportunity for the team members to attend sometimes and not always be in a serving role. It is also helpful to have a rotation because there are times that the current team members are unavailable. The bottom line is WE NEED YOU.

There are a few expectations that we do have for those who are part of the worship team. For starters, we expect you to care more about worshiping the Lord than you do about playing an instrument. If a rock band with a spot light is what you are looking for, then perhaps you should look elsewhere. You would also be expected to communicate with Pastor Josh regularly through the Planning Center Online service that we subscribe to. All band members are expected to learn the songs and practice them throughout the week, and come ready to play on Sunday morning. Sound check is at 8:00 for band members and 8:15 for vocalists.

Our primary objective is to facilitate people in worship. We want to point people to God and lead them as we ourselves exalt Him for who He is and what He has done. Come be a part of this process.


Media within a church setting is much more than just mics and lights. This team is made up of individuals who are just as focused on worship as those on the stage – you just don’t see them as much.

The team is responsible for the lighting experience, the sound and the visual presentation of videos and graphics. The technologies that we utilize on a regular basis at Abundant Life include a Hole Hog digital lighting console, an analog lighting board and a plethora of lights ranging from par 56 can lights to digital LED movers. We use a Yamaha LS9 digital mixing console paired with Aviom in-ear monitors and floor wedges for the vocalists. On the multiple projection screens, we utilize Media Shout from a couple different sources to display the graphics, videos and song lyrics.

This is a department regularly in need of volunteers who are willing and able to learn the various arts and get plugged in at various times. If you have a background in any of these areas, you are valuable asset. If you are willing to learn, you are also valuable and we will invest the time necessary into training you in the various arts.


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